Abercrombie & Fitch. Hollister. Urban Outfitters. For this generation of students, shopping is all about brands. These students – the Millennial Generation – are savvier than ever about the retail experience, and they are showing it with their wallets.

College Store Design's services can help your store achieve its true traffic and revenue potential by personalizing your brand, from floor to ceiling and everywhere in between. This extends from your bookstore to your dining room, student union and more.

We won’t just recommend the right fixtures, we will also help you study your target market, recommend product adjacencies and design a space that is perfectly suited to draw customers in, keep them shopping longer, ensure that they are comfortable and make them want to come back for more.

Convenience and specialty stores are the wave of the future for bookstore design. College Store Design can help you design the store-within-a-store that reflects your campus culture and students’ need for more services faster.

Today, college bookstore design goes beyond racks, shelves, and counters. It is about creating an atmosphere that reflects the campus’s people and personality. We will design and manufacture a store that suits your style and sets you apart. Our portfolio runs the gamut, from convenience stores and fan shops to a football event tent store and cruise ship store. 

From the moment a shopper steps through your door, we will create a positive first impression that goes beyond surface details. Our focus is on designing bookstores, dining spaces and student unions that are great looking, highly functional and environmentally friendly, too.

Whether you are remodeling your current store, building a new store or want to add a store-within-a-store, College Store Design offers a full range of resources to help you create an attractive shopping environment: